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A Human Survey

In our sincere attempt to initiate a new consciousness in feminine activity, we are conducting a questionnaire hoping to get a general consensus of the level in which the subject of femininity conjures human interest. The results of our survey will help shape the framework of the feminization movement of Nu-Feminism. We would deeply appreciate your honest response to our questionnaire. All collective data will be strictly used to attempt to measure the present state of feminine consciousness.

(Please select the identity below that best describes you and complete the form below)
I am not at all a feminist, therefore, I am not interested in the consciousness of femininity.
Although I don't call myself a feminist, I am deeply interested in the feminine issues that concerns our world.
I might not identify myself as a feminist, but I have always thought and felt that femininity needed to be addressed with much more priority of importance than our society has ever done so.
You might consider me a feminist in the closet who hasn't been motivated by a strong enough reason to step out and take action.
I am a feminist who believes that feminine issues are long over due for effective resolve.
I am most definitely a feminist and won't hesitate to help further the expression and development of feminine consciousness in our day and time.
I am a staunch feminist! Just point to where feminization is being organized in a progressive and intelligent movement and I'll be there committed to helping the betterment of our culture and its social system.