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World Agape Conference
November 19, 2010 Las Vegas, Nevada
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11/19/09 2:02 PM

After extraordinary effort and energy exerted toward the success of the first World Agape Conference of 2009, it brings me considerable disappointment to have to postpone such a very crucial event of humanism until November 19, 2010. In retrospect, the conference’s attendance by key world dignitaries, influential citizens and exalted souls of past reincarnations is far too important for the conference to be held without their invaluable presence; therefore, postponement until next year seems to be the best decision for the optimum success of what is anticipated to be the most dynamic and meaningful event of humanism of this civilization.

The preparatory schedule of 13 months of planning has proven to be insufficient timing in coordinating with the obligatory schedules of the key guests of the conference. These special guests also expressed disappointment that their obliged commitments took priority and resulted in their inability to attend the conference.

Anticipation and expectation of the reality of the first World Agape Conference in 2010 has mushroomed into indescribable excitement! And once again, extraordinary effort and energy will be wholeheartedly invested into the achievement of optimum success of this dynamic event of humanism.


About the Conference

Conference Background


The Age of Agape is a phenomenon of cosmic experience; an era in which a very special energy permeates our planet with spiritual enlightenment; awakening human souls to the awareness of their individual duty of divine destiny. This extraordinary energy is called divine love; an electromagnetic force of attraction that is spiritually designed to cause soul integration of the entire body of humanity for the reason of furthering the purpose of human destiny – the evolution of perfect human beings. In antiquity this energetic force is called Agape; unconditional love for all of humanity.

Ancient Greco-Egyptian astrology states that the mystical planet of Saturn sextile Earth’s moon in Pisces during certain cycles of the zodiac. Saturn’s 60 degree angle with the moon causes wave/particle interference that vortexes the force field of Chi, Ki or Prana. This vortex of energy saturates our planet with a particular vibrating frequency that resonate the human soul; shaking the human spirit at the core of its constitution with potential soul awakening. The astrological charts of the ancient Greco-Egyptian civilization calculated that the next Age of Agape would appear during the Age of Aquarius at a calendar mark that translates into our modern time table of November 19, 2008.

The Age of Aquarius is not only an era of liberation of the human spirit and exaltation of human consciousness, but a divine reunion of reincarnated souls from Atlantis and Lemuria whose destiny is to prepare humanity to survive the great catastrophe. 

The World Agape Conference was created to attract Evolved Souls, Liberated Spirits and Ascending Beings; the most enlightened and exalted humans on earth. This very special gathering of human spirits is designed to engineer a spiritual movement of such magnitudinous measure that liberation of the human soul will become a prevalent endeavor of humanism and a successful enterprise of human destiny.

Our spiritual movement is called “The New Revolution,” (a radical transition from a material reality to a spiritual reality) which is engineered by a feminization process called Nu-Feminism United (the feminization of humanity as a whole – male and female).

The New Revolution will cultivate soul consciousness and its spiritual reality; encourage spiritual practitioners to transform their lifestyles through discipline, sacrifice and simplicity; help them make a radical transition from material values to spiritual values, and develop optimum human health – spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically as a major priority of the human agenda. Living a life of spiritual rightfulness; becoming conscious of the soul’s existence and its destiny, and wholeheartedly following the dictates of the soul’s destiny constitutes a human revolution that is invincible to all the negative forces on earth.

Nu-Feminism United will engineer a feminization movement of total distinction from that of conventional feminism. Nu-Feminism is a genderless concept of feminism. The aim of Nu-Feminism United is to feminize the whole of humanity – men and women, by liberating the human soul and demonstrating the feminine powers of love, peace, harmony, unity, integration, passivity, nurturance; cohabitation, cooperation, collaboration, creativity, spirituality, truth, etc.

The spiritual movement of The New Revolution and Nu-Feminism United will employ its dynamic concept of economics called – Ecointelnet (the science of humanomics*). Ecointelnet is a movement of humanism that is structured by a social economic system, a human ecology system and a progressive education system; networking by intelligence; founded upon simplicity, and governed by a perennial philosophy called Nungkyyii (the science of self-evolution and the art of self-discipline). The perennial philosophy of Nungkyyii is founded upon the purpose, reason and meaning of universal life. The purpose of life is to strive for perfection; therefore, the purpose of being human is to become a perfect, individual human being. The reason of life is sustenance, support or service; therefore, the reason of being human is to serve God (humanity) wholeheartedly. The meaning of life is reward; therefore, the meaning of being human is to achieve the highest reward possible – happiness! And not just mere happiness, but ‘divine happiness;’ a reward bestowed upon those whose selfless service to humanity and unyielding faith in God has proven deserving and worthy of such bountifulness of gratifying pleasure. *Humanomics – intelligent engineering of the economy for the purpose of progressive development of humanity and its well being, rather than the manipulation and destruction of humanity.


Conference Theme

“Love Thy Enemy”


Love has yet to be given a mass request to demonstrate its potent power in quest of its divine destiny. The Age of Agape is the era of the power and destiny of unconditional love; an epoch destined to achieve a kingdom of peaceful harmony and spiritual prosperity this world has yet to experience.

War is the most inhumane and despicable act of intelligent humanism. It violates the most sacred principle of spirituality – human love. To take the precious life of another human being, whether it is in the name of God or justifiable reason, represents a pitiful soul enthralled in the darkness of ignorance and deprived of the consciousness of the soul’s essential nature – God! A God conscious soul has a divine conscience that forbids all acts of harmfulness toward any human being.

We must employ such divine conscience as the most dynamic means of eradicating the ill act of war. Let us give mass request for the quest of the destiny of love. Let us embrace the enemy with sincere and compassionate love, and take a watchful eye of its powerful magic of disarmament and disposement of harmfulness. Let us all love from the depths of our soul, rather than from the bottom of our heart and let the power of Agape resolve the entire reason for enemy existence. “No enemy, no war.



Conference Agenda

(1)          Give human destiny a helping hand.

(2)          Intelligently address the hype of 2012.

(3)          Establish a platform for The Aquarian Conspiracy.

(4)          Cultivate our Spiritual Movement.

(5)          Celebrate the reunion of reincarnated souls.

(6)          Pay tribute to loyal members of our spiritual organization.


(1) Human Destiny

          The progress of Westernization and the grandeur of civilization have both rendered their contributions to the fate of human destiny. As civilization meets its inevitable and historical demise from decadence; our social system and its culture self destructs from corruption, greed, ignorance and violence, and the paradigm of human thought deteriorates from mesmerizations of power, plenty and pleasure, humanity has been driven into a cul de sac of irrationality facing the plague of insanity. Unless we rescue the intelligence of science and technology from the jaws of capitalism and employ their astounding powers toward human development and human survival, the future of humanity looms in doom. 

          The conference intends to establish a spiritual agenda of human destiny. That agenda proposes to cultivate diligent effort and wholehearted commitment toward achieving the purpose (human perfection), reason (serving humanity) and meaning (obtaining happiness) of being human; to make the lifestyle and practice of spirituality a successful reality socially and economically, and to be both well informed and well prepared to survive planetary cataclysm.

                   Accomplishing such feats of human enterprise is beyond mere human intelligence. Divine engineering is paramount to the success of human destiny. The human soul is a hologram of the Divine that is being liberated and intuitively guided into its destined duty by Omnipotent blueprints (God’s Will). Such divine engineering is being called “The Aquarian Conspiracy.”

The spiritual movement of The New Revolution and Nu-Feminism United will give 100% support and security to those souls who conspire to fulfill the divine blueprints of human destiny.




(2) Year 2012

The Mayas of ancient civilization are revered for their astounding accomplishments. They invented a calendar of such remarkable accuracy and amazing complexity that its creation marvels our civilization at the present. The Mayan calendar has also generated mass confusion, thereby causing psychological disarray, which has provided several platforms of calendar misinterpretations that are taking advantage of the hysteria engendered by fear mongering.

The relics of ruins left behind from the Mayan civilization are convincing evidence that catastrophic circumstances were somehow anticipated or prophesized. It is quite credible that the Mayan calendar represents time frames of pending cataclysmic events. But to interpret such events as having capabilities of causing absolute destruction of the world is unquestionably absurd! Unfortunately, the belief systems of the masses are highly gullible to convincing propaganda and intentional misinformation.   

The hype of 2012 has already gained significant momentum. The major motion picture titled, “2012,” which is scheduled to be released in November will most likely hypnotize the imagination of the minds of the many with horrifying fear. An overdose of fear and confusion and the eruption of ignorance and violence is an atomic cocktail of absolute chaos and massive panic.

The conference will introduce the Agape Force Field – a morphic field of energy generated by millions of optimistic minds meditating upon creating a positive current of electromagnetism that is powerful enough to counter some of the negative energy and circumstances that are deemed possible between now and that dreadful date of December 21, 2012.

The conference will also reveal the true knowledge of spiritual rebirth and explain its absolute necessity for individual salvation. By making a transition of lifestyle from a material reality to a spiritual reality, and obtaining a concrete understanding of the powers of soul consciousness and the realization of God’s true existence, an individual may be inspired to achieve a spiritual transformation and evolve to the realm of consciousness of eternal soul.

Spiritual rebirth, soul consciousness and a relationship of oneness with God eradicates fear of all worldly destruction. An eternal soul is not a servant or prisoner of the body flesh vehicle. The hype of 2012 is insignificant to incarnated souls of eternal consciousness. The spiritual movement of The New Revolution and Nu-Feminism United will be steadfast at work, diligently striving to help awaken souls to the realization of their individual destiny and the reward of their Godly inheritance – divine happiness. 



(3) The Aquarian Conspiracy

The Aquarian Conspiracy as I know of it is not the “counter-culture” conspiracy that Aldous Huxley attempted to mastermind in America as a British Agent; a scheme so brilliantly executed in his novel, “Brave New World.” The modern version of The Aquarian Conspiracy is a combination of radical thinking from the works of Dr. Marylyn Ferguson’s manifesto of a conspiracy of “spiritualism” revealed in her book, “The Aquarian Conspiracy;” H.G. Wells’ conspiracy of a “one-world brain” conveyed in his book, “The Open Conspiracy: Blue Prints for a World Revolution;” Jean-Francois Revel’s conspiracy of a “spiritual revolution” that he claims is only possible in America, explained in his book, “Without Marx or Jesus: The New American Revolution Has Begun,” and my conspiracy of “human perfection” demonstrated by my perennial philosophy of self-evolution through self-discipline  called Nungkyyii. 

The Aquarian Conspiracy of the 21st Century is a divine blueprint of soul awakening and God consciousness that is ushering into manifestation by The Age of Aquarius. Aquarian energy is permeating our planet, exalting human consciousness to a zenith of spiritual awareness that far exceeds any previous known realms of human consciousness. We are steadfast approaching a concrete understanding of what it really means to be truly human and possess a divine hologram of God – the human soul.

The Aquarian Conspiracy and its co-conspirators – Ascending Beings, Evolved Souls and Liberated Spirits are being divinely orchestrated by the Supreme Architect (God); an Omnipotent conspiracy invincible to any opposing force or aggressive adversary in the world.

Human destiny has already ordered a new humanity; an intelligent breed of super humans; extraordinary specie that the perennial philosophy of Nungkyyii calls – “Homo Novus Androgyny” (a new and complete human being).


(4) The Spiritual Movement

The New Revolution, Nu-Feminism United and Ecointelnet are the strategic components of the spiritual movement. Our objective is to make the practice of spirituality; the transition from material values to spiritual values, and the transformation of spiritual rebirth (consciousness of the eternal soul and the realization of God’s existence) as a human reality for those souls whose fate is to serve human destiny.

The New Revolution is an Aquarian Conspiracy. Its co-conspirators (Ascending Beings, Evolved Souls and Liberated Spirits) are all divinely chosen and inspired by the Godly content of their eternal soul. The sacred script has already been written. The actors and actresses are in their dressing rooms preparing to take the stage of human reality and play their destined roles in God’s Masterpiece – “The Perfection of Humanity.”

Nu-Feminism United is a feminization movement. It is an organizing principle of the feminization process now permeating our planet; a process that manifests every 13,000 years and reciprocates the masculine process. As the reign of patriarchy disintegrates the feminine is being liberated for its destined purpose (the birth of a super human race). Such an extraordinary endeavor of human enterprise will necessitate Supermen and Superwomen.

Nu-Feminism United has a female movement (Nu-Feminism) and a male movement (Male Feminism). Separatism is being practiced for greater developments of both sexes at this stage of human destiny. It is of extreme paramount that consequential damages inflicted by patriarchy upon women, and more so men, be properly addressed. Nu-Feminism United understands the specific nurture, needs, desires and development required by each gender based upon the human conditions of suffering and sacrifices.

Women must be liberated spiritually to rediscover their true feminine nature (instinctive love and innate sisterhood) so that they may remember that female unity is the essence of their divine nature and that matriarchy is their destiny. They must embrace their fate as producers of a new humanity and caretakers of the future navigators of human destiny – children.

Men must be liberated from the karma of aggression as victimized foot soldiers of a patriarchal regime. Masculinity is under an awesome assault by emasculation. Male privilege has mysteriously disappeared while men were busy flexing their muscles and displaying their male prowess. Technology, economics and modernity liberated women without any confrontation whatsoever. Now that women are no longer subservient to male dominance men are discovering the impotence of their false manhood. It is imperative that men relinquish the disease of patriarchal masculinity; discover their feminine nature, and save their manhood from emasculation. Male feminism is intelligently designed and engineered to help achieve such a desperately needed task.

Harmonious union of the masculine and feminine traits will produce Androgynous human beings – Super-Beings of the future. Nu-Feminism United is committed to the feminization of humanity as a whole – male and female. The accomplishment of such an endeavor of humanism will be achieved through the dynamic expressions of the feminine characteristics of love, peace, harmony, unity, integration, nurturance, passivity, tolerance, collaboration, cooperation, cohabitation, creativity, spirituality, truth, etc.


(5) Reincarnated Souls Reunited

Human destiny did not originate on this planet, in this lifetime. It has been an on going divine master plan in evolutionary progress ever since the creation of human life forms. On our infinite journey of human perfection we have performed our human duty according to our levels of exalted consciousness of the human soul and our realization of the existence of God. In each life time that we live and experience higher stages of evolution, the greater the performance of our destined duty as very special life forms.

Global cataclysm has always left behind catastrophic circumstances that have stymied the duty of human destiny and interrupted the evolutionary journey of human perfection. The accumulations of exalted consciousness over several lifetimes, have bestowed upon humanity a tremendous advantage in surviving the catastrophic calamities that inevitably loom in our future. A reunion of reincarnated souls (Ascending Beings, Evolved Souls and Liberated Spirits) are being divinely orchestrated to help build a new civilization and incorporate a spiritual culture that will not only enable humanity to survive, but also boost the level of human development and accelerate the ascension of human evolution.

Soul reunion will give a dynamic display of what soul mating is truly all about. In the spirit world soul mates are more appropriately called mates of the soul. Such mating or soul union has already been established for countless of lifetimes. These eternal relationships just reincarnate over and over and engage in a more exciting episode each lifetime.

Without having developed consciousness of the existence of your soul it is impossible to experience reunion with other souls. The human enterprise of mating in soul is a spiritual endeavor. As behavior marks the true character of all things – in soul reunion the negative behaviors of abuse, separation and violence are none existent. And the positive behaviors of love, harmony, unity and cohabitation are abundantly experienced.

One of the most outstanding characteristics of soul love is that mating is unbiased of gender. In a Western culture of patriarchal regime souls of the same sex that develop a permanent bond is a threat to the foundation of this culture. Due to the feminization process that is permeating our planet, most of the reincarnated souls have chosen to return in female form in order that they may be a greater and more dynamic instrument of service to the master plan. Women spiritually loving other women as soul mates will proliferate at an alarming rate, and bring agitation to this deteriorating regime of patriarchy.

The prevalence of Agape and its spiritual force of unconditional love are invincible.


(6) The Tribute

Recognition for all of the dedicated and diligent service our spiritual members are contributing to the success of our spiritual movement will be acknowledged with appropriate fanfare to assure our appreciation of such commitment.  

Personal testimonies of spiritual experience that members feel at liberty to share with the organization and the attending audience will be conducted during the tribute.

Speeches of encouragement will be given by senior members with intentions of inspiring new members to strive for the dynamic benefits of practicing spirituality and living a life of rightfulness.