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3/21/30 6:06 PM

"Females are the primary creatures of evolution. Without them procreation and the continuance of species would probably result in a laboratory disaster; a genetic engineering project of test tube creatures that would be born absent of a soul and unconscious of divine destiny."

Thus Spake the 21st Century Philosopher


The Omega Man

When the first thoughts of a new concept and ideal of feminism was conceived, I knew that such an idea would appeal much more to women than to men; therefore, men were not a major focus of the blueprints of the movement, but they certainly weren't excluded either. I had automatically assumed that the macho male would treat the movement like a black plague and keep his distance from everything marked feminine, and that the more feminine male wouldn't have an ego problem in joining women in a human endeavor. After receiving a few critical remarks from men regarding the bias of the movement toward women I felt I had to return to my concept lab and drawing board and tailor Nu-Feminism to particularly address the reality of men and the male predicament. Creating Nu-Feminism for men gave me greater liberty to concentrate on the feminine cultivation of women without offending men, which has taken the dynamics of the Nu-Feminism movement to greater heights of idealism.

Although Nu-Feminism is a genderless concept of feminism, its primary concerns are: the spiritual, intellectual and economical liberation of the female; the overall cultivation of the female reality, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually; the spiritual transformation and conscious realization of her soul; the

progressive development of health - body, mind, emotions and spirit; the provision of a safe and secure environment of education, health, welfare and well being for the female and her children; the development of greater consciousness and intelligence regarding both the true nature of femininity and the importance of a greater mode of motherhood as a necessary means of supporting human destiny; and the transmutation of Super Women.

Women have already been placed at the forefront of human evolution by divine destiny and the feminization process. Their brain and nerve system have been biologically engineered by Nature and socially conditioned to survive the stress and bewilderment of a falling civilization. Their nurturing nature and motherly instincts will assure procreation and the transformation of the child into adulthood.

The transformation of females into Super Women must help transform males into Super Men. Females must relinquish their old paradigm, image and mindset of having to be sexy and beautiful in order to be attractive and desired by men. The exploitation of women sexually is masterminded by the patriarchal system, but women willfully cooperate in self-exploitation. Physical attraction and sexuality should not be the standards by which a female develops her self-esteem and self-worth. Through the cultivation of female dignity and self love women will eventually stop degrading and disgracing themselves by exposing their body in modes and fashions that make men think of them with one major thought on their mind. It is estimated that the average male thinks about having sex at least every 90 seconds he is exposed to an attractive female who is dressed provocatively or giving off signals of sexual invitation. Men do not conjure such sexual thoughts when they view themselves naked in the mirror. They need the female to cooperate in massaging their imagination and stimulating their sexual energy.

Women have the power to revolutionize male behavior by changing their own behavior and demanding greater respect from men. A greater and more intelligent pattern of female behavior is capable of dictating the mode and quality of male/female relationships.

The Nu-Feminist Movement will help liberate women of their long standing patriarchal mindset and encouraging them to become brave pioneers of the new frontier of human evolution by becoming Super Women and developing a unified front of sisterhood and sisterly love that will nurture the destiny of humanity at such an era of human bewilderment!