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The Nu-Feminism Manuscript
Table of Contents
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Due to the overall progression of the process of feminization, the Nu-Feminist Movement has evolved into three distinct categories of feminine consciousness - Nu-Feminism United (the organization of Evolved Souls, Liberated Spirits, Ascending Beings and the facilitation of their divine expressions of human destiny) Nu-Feminism (the liberation of the human spirit (soul), and particular cultivation of the female reality) and Nu-Feminism for Men (addressing the predicament of the male reality with a new paradigm of masculinity and its modes of thinking and behaving); therefore the manuscript is being rewritten with a much greater insight of wisdom and knowledge and a specific address of the female reality, its cultivation and its destiny; the development of a new identity, new image, new expression and new meaning of being a feminine human being; and the transmutation of Super Women!



II Introduction
III A New Sheriff in Town
IV Nu-Feminism
V Brain Transformation
My Radical Approach to Feminism
VI The Road to Becoming a Nu-Feminist
VII The Truth About Liberation of Women
VIII Women
Asleep at the Wheel of the Liberation Movement or
Betrayed From Within Their Own Ranks?
IX Energetic Bankruptcy
A Spiritual Tragedy for the Feminist Movement
X Lesbianism
Moral Sin - Genetic Blunder or Evolutionary Design
XI Women Cometh
A Monumental Revolution!
XII Feminist Separatism
A Cognitive Partition
XIII The Gender War is About to Get Real Ugly!
XIV Matriarchism in the New Millenium
Egotistic Terrorism in a Macho Patriarchal System
XV Self-Esteem
The Most Improtant Yet Elusive Value in the Lives of Young Females
XVI Nu-Feminism's Male Liberation and
the Salvation of Maleness

Damned if She Does & Damned if She Doesn't
The Contemporary Female's Dilemma

XVIII The Androgynous Woman
The Solution to the Female's Dilemma
Self-Love or Selfishness
Wagering the Underdog
Women - The Favorite in the Race of Human Evolution
Men: Very Dangerous Creatures