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"Let's assume that from God's point of view and according to the blueprints of his will, that all is well and progressing along just as planned, which means that every event that has or ever will happen, whether the event is considered good or evil, is being orchestrated by the mind and hand of God. If so, then we are puppets in God's theater, unconscious of the strings attached to our being, as our ego struggles to perform its self-written script in God's play."
The Philosophy of Nungkyyii

Warning: This writing is extremely saturated with the contents of contemporary philosophical thought, initiated by some very bold and extraordinary radical questions concerning the subject of feminism. Intelligent and open-minded consideration may rock conventional reality. Adults under the influence of uncertainty are advised to seek the unbiased interpretation and literary supervision of their children in order to remain calm, cool and collective.

Here are just a few of the radical questions that gave rise to the contents of my writing on feminism. (1) Had women not inherited the responsibility of reproduction, and instead, men were destined to shoulder the yokes of morning sickness, labor pains, child birth, diaper patrol and PMS, would society be hosting masculists and facing masculism as a social movement against female aggression, cruelty, injustice, inequality, dominance and suppression? (2) Would civilization have taken a different road of development had the responsibility of war fell in the laps of women, and the expressions of labor, politics and economics took form according to their ruling interest, feminine perspective and ideals? (3) What would happen if the world discovered that God was guilty of gender impersonation by allowing her self to be worshipped and thought of as a male in order not to disturb the destined role of masculinity? (4) Every social scientist, well educated and intelligent citizen knows that female behavior and its control is the major determining factor of the functionality of any civilization or social order. Wouldn't the gain of economic independence and the access to higher education for women empower them uncontrollable and result in patriarchal chaos and the destruction of the social system as we know it? (5) Does God really give a damn about the way women have been mistreated all these millenniums? If he does, shouldn't he have demonstrated his almighty power and authority and rectified the female condition and circumstances by now?

What is Feminism? If you ask me about feminism my first response would be that it is one of the most radical, complex and ambiguous terms in the English language - always changing its definition and meaning according to our modern times and the perspectives of its suitors.

There are no traces of the existence of the term feminism in ancient history. Its first appearance surfaced in France at the ending of the 1800's. Feminism was coined as "feminisme" from the French word femme, meaning woman, and the suffix ism, which referred to political ideology. The two words were combined to connote that women's issues belong to the vanguard of change.

Webster defines feminism as; belief in the social, political and economic equality of the sexes.

Here is a very interesting passage on the subject of feminism written by Professor Estelle B. Freedman of Stanford University, in a chapter of her magnificent literary work entitled - "No Turning Back." The writing is headed as "Defining Feminism Today," which includes her definition of feminism. "Given its changing historical meanings, is there any coherence to feminism as a term? For my purposes a four-part definition contains the critical elements of feminism, including views that may be shared by those who clam the label as well as many who reject it.

"Feminism is a belief that women and men are inherently of equal worth. Because most societies privilege men as a group, social movements are necessary to achieve equality between women and men with the understanding that gender always intersects with other social hierarchies."

Feminism and its political representation is steady evolving into transformations due to the ever changing responses of women as well as men. The term feminism has never really gained wide popularity - yet the political goals of feminism has survived - despite continuing discomfort with the term; a hostile political climate, and heated internal criticism - due to the fact that feminism has continued to redefine itself. The identity of feminism became a stigmatic label avoided by most women who preferred to call themselves women activists. And many women throughout our global village debated whether the women's movement should substitute the term feminist for humanist as a more appropriate representation of their identity.

The ambiguity of feminism spawn pluralism and splintered feminism into an array of perspectives and interests, promoting specific group classifications, causing different groups of women activists to attempt to make the term feminism more compatible with their unique ideals. Group classifications surfaced wearing the names of: Asian American feminists, black feminists, Christian feminists, Islamic feminists, Jewish feminists, lesbian feminists, Third World feminists, and even male feminists. They all took separate stands within the general movement as they pursued feminine goals according to the various motives of their own group. Out of such group expressions rose visions of feminism that could never form a universal picture of the future of feminism. Through the eyes of black feminists the vision of feminism had a different agenda of needs than that of other feminists. And the views of Jewish feminists had ideals of unique cultural needs separate from Christian feminists or Islamic feminists. Pluralism cast the infection of separatism and the movement became victimized by the old patriarchal strategy of "divide and conquer."

The movement eventually lost its steam and the media developed a frenzy of presenting obituaries announcing the death of the liberation movement. Since then patriarchy has steady been losing its dominance and succumbing to impotency created by social decadence, as the masculine structure crumbles from self-destruction.

In today's world women are not facing the levels of suffrage as did women of the past. The rage that once passionately drove women to organize and confront the system of patriarchy has dissipated due to patriarchal weakness and the progression of feminism. Yesterday's goals of feminism are being realized by today's women. As a result, modern day women are experiencing levels of liberation so profound that they are out of touch with the fact that patriarchal suppression is still maintaining its dehumanizing expression - an expression that has only changed forms from the physical and emotional to the mental and spiritual. In order to address the mental and spiritual suppression of patriarchy feminism is being given a new concept and a new definition for a whole new purpose. From the new concept of Nu-Feminism* comes a new meaning of feminism; the belief that the feminine forces of nature when applied by humanity will reform our culture and its civilization, bring salvation to the human race, and help guide us toward human destiny.

Feminism from a Uniquely Historical Perspective

"Somewhere under the influence of the laws of mankind we have become completely ignorant of the laws of the jungle of life. The laws of selection by elimination through survival by competition reminds us that Nature bears no acknowledgment of "Affirmative Action" in the jungle of life - and that the assurance that the strong or the fittest will maintain the progressive continuance of the species, is as ruthless as a pack of lions cornering a hyena.

Through civilization and expressions of the human intellect we have attempted to control and manipulate Nature - and in the process we have ultimately ended up disobeying Nature's divine patterns of destiny, and facing consequences of mammoth proportions. In our sincere attempt to civilize the human nature we did not include the cultivation of the human spirit. The neglect of spiritual development has deprived human reasoning of intuitional nutrition, thus exposing reason to atrophy and turning it against its own self. Reason against reason has infected the human intellect with unreasonable thought, and our society has therefore, developed patterns of unreasonable behavior. Barbarism, immorality and insanity are plagues that have taken modern forms of dehumanization as decadence destroys our civilization.

We are all victims of a ruthless process of evolutionary development that places the whole of humanity at the mercy of the intelligent development and the destined expression of the feminine principle - a principle that demands the liberation of its reproductive vehicle - the female! The female is needed to reproduce a greater: physical body, intelligent brain, intuitional mind, conscious spirit, and overall greater human being.

Feminism as a present day construct of beliefs, ideals and struggles against the patriarchal system for justice, equality, and the liberation of women is incompetent in the salvation and reformation of our civilization, and a greater transformation of humanity. We are in dire need of the feminization of our planet. By my use of the term feminization, I do not mean a social movement by women. I am referring to a divine and invincible process of human evolution taking place through the committed employment of the feminine forces of love, peace, passivity, collaboration, integration, harmony, cultivation, and spirituality by all of humanity.

The Philosophy of Nungkyyii and its feminine concept Nu-feminism

"The process of becoming is a very dynamic sequence of progressive transformations."

When biologists peer into the lens of their super powerful microscopes, they are able to observe the laws of Nature as they influence the behavior patterns of organic life - a life undisturbed by intellect or a civilizing process. These natural laws permeate every kingdom of creation, in cooperation with the "process of becoming." I chose to use the phrase "process of becoming," rather than process of evolution because the conventional interpretation of the meaning of evolution raises controversy and disturbs the minds of religious and non-evolutionary thinkers. The "process of becoming" represents organized forms of transformation that are marked by stages of progressive development throughout the world of organisms. Atoms becoming cells, caterpillars becoming butterflies, and infants becoming adults, are all undeniable forms of transformation spearheaded by evolutionary activity.

"Women are becoming greater humans than their counterparts"

In the beginning of creation energy continued to raise its levels of vibration, creating a frequency of transformative activity. The activity of energy left its imprints in the form of a record. This record records every vibration of energy and movement of matter that takes place everywhere in the universe. This record is known as cosmic consciousness. From the transformative activity of energy and matter manifested the necessity of progress. From the record of cosmic consciousness manifested a principle of direction for the agents of necessity and progress called cosmic intelligence. The organization of consciousness, energy, activity, necessity, progress and intelligence "became" the Supreme Architect of the universe. Patterns of movements manifesting from the vibrations of energy, the transformations of matter, engineered by consciousness, driven by necessity and progress and directed by intelligence, formulated the governing laws of vanguard for universal order. Universal laws and order became the organizing principle of the destiny of creation and its "process of becoming."

At a later stage of the continuing development of the universe, life manifested as a necessary factor in the scheme of creation, and reproduction took center stage as a major feature in the destiny of life. The Supreme Architect then created the feminine principle as its special agent of reproduction. The process of reproduction selected the method of cellular division and life began to multiply, driven by the quantitative principle. Eventually, the multiplication of life expanded to its point of quantitative exhaustion or state of finite. Life then faced a dilemma created by imperfection. Life needed a greater form of development, and cellular division was incompetent in the reproduction of greater forms of life. Reproduction was in need of transformation, which called for a modification of the feminine principle. Life had to go through a dynamic transformation in order to accommodate a new modifier. The Supreme Architect created the qualitative principle, and then selected the masculine principle to modify the feminine principle, and help transform reproduction. Death was then introduced as a modification agent of life, driven by the qualitative principle. As a necessity, death provided life with the opportunity to progress to greater forms of life through the reciprocating cycles of life and death.

The quantitative formed a triad relationship with life and the feminine principle - and organic life multiplied and evolved into the various kingdoms of life. The qualitative principle formed a triad relationship with death and the masculine principle - and competition was imposed upon life as a form of survival and a process of elimination of the weak, useless and incompetent. Through reciprocating cycles, the qualitative triad and the quantitative triad permeate every kingdom of life.

In the human kingdom the quantitative principle and the feminine principle gave rise to the population of humanity, and humans transformed from the Polarian race - to the Hyperborean race - to the Lemurian race - to the Atlantian race - to our present race, the Aryan race. Each stage of human development has contributed to the development and transformation of the human brain and mind. Every major phase of human transformation is always initiated by the feminine principle through the female expression of reproduction. Reproduction is the main event in life - pointing toward the theory of Gynacocentricism**, coined by the late great sociologist Lester Frank Ward, in his works entitled "Pure Sociology." Gynacocentricity claims that the female is primary in the scheme of life, and that the male is secondary. Although necessity includes the male, his role is manipulated by the Supreme Architect as a modifier of the female's development.

Aggression, suppression, and dominance are natural characteristics of the male specie. They are also forces of modification of the female's transformation for producing greater human beings. Reproduction and modification share reciprocating cycles of rein. These feminine and masculine principles share the social forms of matriarchy and patriarchy. Patriarchy dominates the female and suppresses her feminine nature by forceful aggression. In the struggle against patriarchy modification transforms the female into a much stronger, wiser and competent human being for survival than her male counterpart. When the female completes her cycle of transformation, patriarchy has served its destined purpose as a modifier of female development. The patriarchal system and the civilization that it has created are now encountering decadence, as survival challenges the development of the sexes. The benefits of male privilege, the burden of dominance and the wear and tear of aggression has weaken the male significantly, whereas, patriarchal suppression has forced the female's development and strengthened her will and desire to succeed. The female has been divinely engineered to be the superior survivor as decadence takes it historical pattern of destiny and destroys our civilization. Patriarchy is self-destructing from the weakening of masculinity and the lack of mental and spiritual development of the male specie. The self-destruction of patriarchy takes place in a process called - Deutomatization.***

The rise of the female to matriarchal form will be orchestrated by the Will of God - a divine master plan of selecting the most intelligent, willful, competent and spiritually conscious women to execute the blueprints. This master plan includes a process of feminization that will prepare females to reproduce a super human race in the nearby future.

It is the transformation of the brain and mind that determines the greater levels of development of the human being. Thus far, we have experienced two dynamic transformations of brain function - instinct and intellect. Each of these phases of brain development were produced through reproduction and the modification of the female. Therefore it is safe to conclude that the rise and fall of patriarchy has taken place in the past in order to force women into greater producers of our present race of intellect.

The human brain is in preparation for its next phase of functionality - intuition. The female brain has already achieved an astounding transformation toward the development of an intuitional mind. Here is a brief description of the impressive development of the female brain. Modification of the female brain has resulted in a finer architectural designed organ than that of the primitive male brain. The female brain now carries the content of 11% less physical mass than that of the larger male brain, yet still maintains the same IQ level. Although smaller in size, the female brain has more gray matter than the male brain. Gray matter involves the processing of information in the brain. Due to the fact that the female's emotions are in conjunction with her intellect she uses both hemispheres of the brain much more frequently than the male. This harmonious function of the whole brain has produced a larger corpus callosum in the female brain than that of the male brain. This bundle of nerves that connects the communication between both hemispheres of the brain has rendered the female brain more learnable than the male brain. With today's advancement of neuroscience and its technological instruments of observing the brain's development and functionality, there is no argument that the female brain has evolved to a much higher caliber of human development than that of the male.

"Although the process of God's Will can be ruthless at times in its forceful development of the species through hardships, trials and tribulations, however, in the end of each phase of his creation there will always be a product of beauty worthy of his omnipotence. The female is definitely a mark of beauty signifying such a marvelous and magnificent creation of God's Will."
Thus Spake The 21st Century Philosopher and -Feminist

* Nu-Feminism - the feminization of humanity as a whole; it is the transformation of spirituality; the liberation of femininity and the cultivation and expression of all its feminine forces throughout the human kingdom
** Gynacocentricism - The concept that the female sex is primary and the male is secondary in the organic scheme of things, that originally and normally all things center as it were, about the female, and that the male, though not necessary in carrying out the scheme, was developed under the operation of the principle of advantage to secure organic progress through the crossing of strains. This concept further claims that the apparent male superiority in the human race, and in certain higher animals, is the result of specialization in extra-normal directions due to adventitious causes which have nothing to do with the general scheme of human evolution.
Deutomatization - The break down of a pattern of function in order to permit a new and more advanced pattern to develop.