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4/5/33 9:09 AM

Welcome to a new consciousness, energy and activity of femininity that is evolving into a new spiritual reality in the 21 st century called Nu-Feminism. The feminization of humanity as a whole is being organized into a "New Revolution" that will manifest without social conflict, a single shot fired, not a drop of bloodshed, and without any confrontation with our government and its policies of human behavior.

Nu-Feminism is a spiritual revolution in consciousness that takes place within the human being, with the objective of producing greater human beings.

Your profile is considered strictly private and confidential, and will always remain in the secure and protective confines of our organization headquarters' records. Destruction of your profile will be executed at anytime by your personal request. Should you decide to proceed further with our feminine interviews we will keep close communications with you should your particular interview spark an interest and contribute to the publication of the manuscript of Nu-Feminism. If your interview is chosen to appear in our book, we will definitely seek your permission and issue the appropriate reward for such personal and intimate information. Whether you participate in our interview or not, please feel at liberty to browse our website as we progress forward in the completion of our internet project.