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"The human spirit is in dire need of the freedom of feminine expression."(Nu-Feminism)

    From the philosophy of Nungkyyii (nung-ky-yi-ee)* comes the word Nu-Feminism, a new word created to identify a new consciousness that is rising in the new millennium. Femininity is about to reveal its destined purpose in our evolving universe. The human spirit is in dire need of freedom of expression.

Femininity and spirituality are qualities of human nature that makes up the subjective frontier of elevated consciousness in the new millennium. With pain and passion the feminine self cries out for liberation from within both genders. Human liberation has become the mission of the feminine spirit, ordained by the Infinite Mind of Intelligence - the Supreme Architect of the universe.

Nu-Feminism is first and foremost a belief that changes for a better humanity is not only necessary but also inevitable and invincible. Nu-Feminism is not a gender identity movement; instead, it is a humanitarian movement of feminization through the exaltation of feminine consciousness, the organization of feminine unity and the expression of femininity (love, harmony, peace, collaboration and spirituality). Nu-Feminism is the liberation of femininity from the suppression of masculinity, not by confronting masculinity but by cultivating the feminine nature and its spirit within. The concept of Nu-Feminism is based upon the philosophy that thought and behavior is evolutionary forces of humanity, and that through the expression of self-discipline, will power, passionate desire, and the cultivation of consciousness, morality and intelligence, humanity can produce greater human beings. In its most dynamic state of expression, Nu-Feminism is an "Open Aquarian Conspiracy" that transcends all human antagonism. It is the feminization of planet Earth by omnipotent design.

We have officially entered the Aquarian Age. Aquarian energy is now permeating our planet. It is a feminine energy that is empowering the feminine spirit with new wisdom and intuitive knowledge. Females are experiencing the Aquarian impact in their lives without much clarity and understanding of its reason, meaning, purpose and dynamism. They only seem to feel for certain that they are searching for something other than the normal - a change for the betterment of their life. Some females are even witnessing a faint recognition of the call of their soul to seek truth and live a greater life of human service. Liberation is the most dynamic state of human expression. Without the freedom to act out our thoughts and ideas, they are restricted from being transformed into reality. Without the freedom of economic tools our actions are restricted by poverty and the lack of monetary sources. And without the freedom to think, meditate or pray our minds are restricted from the consciousness of the God within us. Without this consciousness of God within us we have neither the faith nor the confidence to break away from our present depressive pattern of routine living and follow the dictates of our soul. For those females whom are becoming more conscious of this omnipotent energy of infinite intelligence (God) cultivating inside their hearts and minds, the Nu-feminism movement is intended to help support your freedom to be the woman you want to be or the woman you were destined to be.

This interview is structured in six parts and designed to explore the level of consciousness of the female mind in six categories of human life. Those categories are: (1) Femininity (2) Economics (3) Self-Consciousness (4) Human Destiny (5) Sexuality (6) Spirituality. These interviews are being conducted to obtain a multiple of objectives. (1) To write a book about the open conspiracy of Feminization. (2) To collect intelligent data to be used in launching a Feminine Revolution. (3) To establish a network of economics that will rescue women from the strangulating of poverty and assist them in obtaining and maintaining a healthy lifestyle along with a wholesome standard of living for both themselves and their children. (4) To explore the present stage of the evolution of femininity and female consciousness. (5) To stimulate females to develop a greater will and desire to gain a better education and a higher levels of intelligence, intuition and consciousness. (6) To help implement the Feminine Revolution and the Feminization of planet Earth.

The interview is considered strictly private and very confidential. Your individual and honest response without the interference of influential opinions of friends and family will contribute greatly to the successful nature of the project. However, if your response should influence the interest of the book's publication, we will definitely approach your permission to include your interview in the book and financially reward you appropriately. If at any time a question is too private or personal for you to answer you may feel at liberty to decline to answer the question. Also, if at any point in time within the periods of interviews that you no longer wish to continue being interviewed, your honest acknowledgement of the desire to discontinue the interview would be greatly appreciated. In this way it would be easier for the interviewer to prevent stepping beyond private and personal boundaries. If you are interested in our feminine movement your interview will be followed up by spiritual teachings that are intended to help guide the spiritual aspirant down a path of self-development (self-consciousness, self-confidence, self-discipline, self-worth, self-respect and self-esteem). The cultivation of these aspects of the self is the key factors of spiritual transformation. As spiritual values these factors must replace the values of materialism if the female truly seeking change in her life expects to experience a conscious life of spirituality. In order to pursue spirituality one must be open minded to the world of knowledge and question everything for greater understanding; one must learn to consciously distinguish the ego from the spirit and discipline the ego to allow the spirit to take the steering wheel of life; one must live right, eat right, think right, behave right, love right, relate and communicate right, pray right, and make the right decisions; one must also be willing to face the mirror and accept the image in the mirror and be committed to making the necessary and desired changes that make the female love the image in the mirror (self). Self-love is the epitome of human experience. It helps create and support the meaning of life - Happiness.

If the interview only causes the female being interviewed to be more conscious of herself as a female in a spiritual restricted and feminine suppressive society, that result in her taking a stand as an individual and conjuring the will power to do something that improves her own lifestyle, serves humanity and help other women and children in need, then the experience of the interview will have served a moral good for the feminine movement and the female that was interviewed.

*Nungkyyii (nung-ky-yi-ee) The science of self-evolution and the art of self-discipline; the philosophical art and practice of obtaining the meaning of life through the expressions of love, faith, intelligence and discipline; total submission and obedience of the law of being; living in the truth and becoming one with the Infinite Mind of Intelligence.

*Nu-Feminism: The feminization of humanity as a whole; it is the transformation of spirituality, the liberation of femininity, and the cultivation and expression of all of its forces throughout the human kingdome.