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Language is incompetent in truly explaining the emotional experience of discovering the consciousness of God, the law of my being, and the reality of my soul. The beauty and dynamics of being an intelligent and educated human being at this stage and epoch of human evolution, transcends all levels of thought and communication. Therefore, the best description I can possibly give of this wonderful and magnificent feeling is - "Horripilations the size of marbles!"

"Thus Spake the 21st Century Philosopher & Nu-Feminist"
Trialfa Ankh- Maat Omega

Feminism has a very radical history that cast a lingering shadow of stigmatization upon its present day existence of our modern world. The mere mention of the word feminism conjures images of white women burning their bras and panties, protesting with anger, and glowing with eagerness to blatantly offend men. This form of radicalism was a disturbing surprise for both men and women. Women of Third World countries were stunned by such radical behavior of their Western sisters. As the theater of world drama took its stage in America, dauntless women who were well educated and characterized as having high self-esteem and exceptional intelligence, bearing fire in their eyes, declared war on the puppets of patriarchy (men). Women of color took a break from labor, folded their arms, swirled their necks as they looked on at crazy white women who had lost their minds, throwing fits in public. The public at large anticipated this boiling pot of female anger to settle down and its nuisance to eventually go away. But to everyone's dismay feminism was here to stay!

When women finally realized that feminism wasn't a "White Woman Thang," an appetite for justice, equality, human rights and freedom from subjugation penetrated every border line of race, color, nationality and religion, and women started imitating their crazy white sisters. Other men of the world shook their heads and fingers at Western men with scoff for displaying such impotence of manhood. Such levels of lack of control of their women were embarrassing to the pride of masculinity. Such men were assured by adamant traditional cultures that feminism, or unruly female behavior would never rear its ugly head in their environment. The consequences for women behaving in such a manner was too severe, brutal and possibly fatal. The ambiguity of cultural constructs issued constraints that limited the destiny of feminism's developmental progress in other parts of the world. Feminism would best incubate in America!

Charged up with the excitement of feminine expression, women climbed aboard the feminist train eager to receive its benefits. The first class passenger white women felt they had worked very hard and made dear sacrifices of blood, sweat, and tears as the dues of their status of power, position and privileges aboard the feminist train. They were steadfast, adamant and determined that proper dues must be paid before any first class seats were occupied. This stern policy set off an alarm of racial elitism that infected the train with restraining virus call separatism. Separatism was the most devastating disease ever to strike feminism. It infected the entire train and rendered the feminist movement a powerless threat to patriarchy. Patriarchy had already masterminded its ambush of the feminist train, but changed its plans when its espionage agents aboard the train reported the outbreak of separatism throughout the train. There was no need to ambush feminism; it had carried out its own execution of self-ambush. From the perspective of patriarchy, feminists had played into the hands of the oldest and most clever strategy of war, "Divide and Conquer." As the feminist train roared toward the patriarchal battlefield the attitudes of first class passengers and coach passengers brewed. Separatism increased its virulent nature, as an identity crisis swept through every box car of the train with raging emotionalism. When the train finally arrived at the enemy's camp squadrons of women wearing specific feminist ID badges stepped off the train. There were Aristocratic feminists; Proletariat feminists; White feminists; Black feminists; Asian feminists; Third World feminists; Jewish feminists; Christian feminists; Lesbian feminists, and feminists whose badges were covered by their lapel. And to the public's surprise there were a few male feminists as well. Not only did these feminists have separate identities, they had separate ideals, separate agendas; separate plans of strategy, and sadly but certain, separate definitions and meanings of feminism.

Instead of the anticipated encounter with war hungry men, feminists were startled by media bliss of national attention portraying them as heroines of feminism. The ambush upon feminism was so sophisticated and psychological that the only fight feminists could find was with the men at work and the men at home. Meanwhile, the real enemy, "patriarchy," became an invisible sniper that assassinated the character of feminism in the minds of public opinion. Patriarchy conquered feminism by assuring that women would never unite on a common front of single purpose and action. It secretly provided funding for each faction of feminism that retained its separate identity, ideal, agenda and meaning.

As feminists now celebrate their historical journey and marvelous achievements from their separate club houses, patriarchy and its foot soldiers shake the sweat from their foreheads, prop their feet up, and smoke cigars in celebration of their escape of a war of the sexes that women could have won hands down and turned the civilization of patriarchy upside down.

Here is a scenario of the great war of the sexes had women been armed with a highly intelligent and very sophisticated battle plan of strategy, enforced by a unified militia of women obsessed with the achievements of justice, equality, human rights and freedom. The most intelligent phase of the battle plan would be to clearly and unmistakably identify the enemy. Patriarchy as an abstract ideal of controlling dominance is the enemy, not its pitiful foot soldiers (men). Men are more so victims of patriarchy than women. Patriarchy programmed the definition of masculinity according to its objectives and provided rewards of male privilege to those men whose patterns of thoughts and behavior followed the program. The fall of patriarchy is unraveling its construct of masculinity as men lose control over women and watch helplessly as women fortify their independence.

A train of unified feminists would have come to a halt several miles away from the battle field. Economics would have been the super weapon of choice. Women would have heavily armed themselves with the almighty dollar. Feminist generals would have sent their special intelligence agents into the enemy's camp as anti-feminists. These elite spies would have wound up with offices of operation from the bedrooms of sex craving, beauty struck generals. Once the spies would have secured their positions as wives or mistresses of the wealthiest and most powerful generals the almighty dollar would have been syphoned and sent back to headquarter for stockpiling. A mock war between feminists and anti-feminists would have been staged by feminists smuggled into camp by the wives of generals. A problem/solution strategy would have orchestrated the mock war as a camouflage of economic development of women and children. Before the enemy could realize the magnitude of the economic plot, women would have already become engineers of their own economy. With the ratio of women in the work force, and as consumers of goods, far out numbering that of men, economic sanction would have been the atom bomb of the sex war.

It is far too late for such a scenario to take action in today's society. Separatism has permeated every crack and crevice of feminism, and divided the ranks of women with such alienation that total female unity is the last thing on the agenda of mainstream feminism. Although the radicalism of feminism has lost its theatrical stage of dynamic drama, it has certainly maintained its stigmatization. Ask the average female about feminism and you'll receive a moment's hesitation. She normally has to prepare herself for such an impact upon her thoughts and feelings. The ambiguity of the meaning of feminism has been so watered down to suit feminist factionalism that the feminist movement no longer passionately embraces liberation as the centerfold of its purpose.

"Why scream for liberation when your suppressor is more suppressed than you are!"

If Susan B. Anthony were to instantly appear in our modern era she would faint twice. Her first fall would be due to the shock of the progress of the female status of liberty, education, wealth, independence and political force. Before they could lift her from the floor she would collapse again from discovering that with such abundance of power resources and political strong holds women are still suffering the thralls of injustice, inequality, deprivation and dehumanization. Women haven't necessarily become stronger, but their suppressor has certainly become weaker. The collapse of patriarchy and the emasculation of its soldiers, along with the advancements of science and technology have contributed more toward the liberty and status of women than the women's movement could ever achieve. This statement is in no way meant to demean the long, hard and diligent struggles that women have down through the ages so consistently and persistently pursued for their causes. I am only bringing to the attention of my readers how much the machine has eliminated the need of masculine brute muscle strength in the work place, and provided roles of breadwinner for women. Economic freedom has advanced women forward much more successfully than social freedom.

We have approached an era in our civilization where men and women face the same suppressor - dehumanization. We are all experiencing the suffrage of our spirit. Without spiritual liberation of the human soul, all of our accomplishments of physical reality will eventually come to naught. The conflict of the sexes has undergone a dramatic turn. Sexual liberation has moved to the forefront of all liberation movements. Sexuality has entered a much more dauntless stage of its continuing "freedom revolution" than ever before. The hinges of doors are falling from the closets that once hid unconventional sex preference. As men and women struggle with the extremities of complexity of their individual lives and personal relationships, civilization is sinking into decadence like the Titanic into the ocean.

"Human salvation has no gender orientation. It is a human endeavor of the most intelligent type."

Masculinity as orchestrated by the omnipotence of human destiny has performed its role in the divine play and must take a bow at the call of the curtains. Femininity is taking the stage for the performance of its dramatic role in the liberation of humanity. Feminism must present itself a new garment of identity, expression and meaning. It must display genderless attire that does not stigmatize its expressions of love, peace, harmony, unity, collaboration, integration, cultivation, creativity and spirituality. A new feminism must launch a new social revolution that omits the necessity of force or violence. A new feminism must manifest humanism at its highest possible stage of human evolution. A new feminism must shift human values from the material to the spiritual. A new feminism must pave the way for a life of spirituality. And a new feminism must cultivate and liberate the human soul.

Introducing a new concept in humanism called Nu-Feminism - "The feminization of humanity as a whole." Nu-Feminism is a spiritual approach to the human condition, declaring that spiritual liberation is the essence of human salvation. The human soul takes center stage in the Nu-Feminist Movement. We must come to identify our true existence as immortal forms of energy - holograms of the Infinite Mind of Intelligence (God), and acquire our divine inheritance, that abstract kingdom called heaven.

Nu-Feminism is not an offspring of conventional feminism whatsoever. It is the manifestation of feminine energy permeating our planet in the forms of human consciousness, expression and meaning. Nu-Feminism is an adjunct of the Aquarian Conspiracy - a revolutionary force of this Aquarian Age. Aquarian energy is conspiring to saturate our planet and erupt in spontaneity of human consciousness without human leadership. There will be no character to assassinate or administration to overthrow; just the extraordinary prevalence of Omnipotence, Omnipresence and Omniscience performing an enchanting symphony of trinity.

"Nu-Feminism is the destiny child of Aquarius"

Thus Spake a Nu-Feminist